Arch Set Earring Stand


Back left arch colour
Front right arch colour

Two half arch MDF parts which slot into a Maple wood base. The two half arches allow you to choose your own colour combinations or mix and match colour with wood.

All colour options options currently available are listed in the drop down menus. If your choices are not showing, please use the contact form to see how far away they will be. Please note when using the drop down menu, the photos do not change to match.

Overall measurements 18cm x 16.6cm

Colour combinations of the listing photos are -
#1 Manuka Honey & Swiss Caramel
#2 Olive & Rainee
#3 Arthouse & Cosmos
#4 Comfort Zone & Cut Glass
#5 Olive & Manuka Honey
#6 Maple wood
#7 Maple wood & Olive

Earrings and accessories not included.

SKU: 10000

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